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I don’t know about you but on those nights when I get home later than usual and need to get something on the table quickity quick, I’m more likely to dial (or walk across the road to the local chippie) than cook. It’s the stress of it all isn’t it? And isn’t it so much easier to pick up the phone? Well yes, it probably is but it’s not really worth it in the long run – you’re eating food that is none too healthy and you’re going to feel bad about it straight after you’ve eaten it (or if you’re me, straight after you put the phone down but it’s too late now because you’ve paid for it and so you eat it anyway because you hate to waste food, even bad food). Oh dear…..

Chickpea Curry with Poached EggsB

It’s far better to have a couple of quick healthy recipes that you can knock up in no time and feel good about yourself (and if you have kids, you can feel good about what you’re giving them).

This lovely chickpea curry with poached eggs is one of those recipes you really need to have on standby. It’s done in under 30 minutes and is just so tasty.  All that’s involved is a bit of sautéing of veges, simmering of spices and poaching of eggs (in the curry – too easy!). I’ve used cumin, paprika and turmeric in my curry because they taste so South Americanny good, but you can use whatever you like. It works with tomatoes, parsley and garlic or you could use a little taco seasoning instead of the spices I’ve got listed or any ready-made seasoning you have in your spice rack. If you’re worried about getting chickpeas passed the picky eaters, mash them so it’s a thicker consistency. Or if you really don’t think chickpeas are gonna happen, replace them with baked beans. Either way, you’ll get a load of fibre and protein into a happy healthy dinner.


What do you eat when you’ve just walked in the door and need to get something on the table asap?


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Chickpea Curry with Poached Eggs

Per serving – 2 eggs: 288.7 cals; 13g total fat (3.5g saturated fat); 7.7g fibre

Chickpea Curry with Poached Eggs

Healthy eating!




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