In the mood for Cheesy Lentil Stuffed Tomatoes

If you’re not sure about lentils, don’t click out until you’ve read a little more. I promise you won’t regret it. If you’re already a huge lentil fan like me, read on with excitement and perhaps a little hand clapping.

I’ve loved lentils most of my adult life, but there was a time (most of my childhood in fact) when lentils didn’t have a place on my plate – lentils were for hippies. Oh, all those tasty missed opportunites….

But I’m over that now. I’ve moved on and embrace the humble lentil with all its legumy goodness. And my girls love them, even John at least likes them (a miracle if ever there was one).

Lentils are incredibly high in protein and fibre and they’re jam packed with iron which means they are majorly good for you. A wonderful swap out for meat on a Meatless Monday, they’re as cheap as chips (but much better for you) and they fill you up. But the best thing about lentils is they take on the flavours of what you cook them in which is perfect for these stuffed tomatoes. I’ve gone for big flavours like onions, garlic, salsa and cheese because, well I like big flavours.

And as an added bonus, they’re easy. You just need to scoop out the flesh from the tomatoes and sauté the ingredients for a few minutes, pile it all back in the tomatoes and bake for 20 minutes. Done and delicious – a truly healthy, low fat recipe if ever there was one.

Are you a lentil lover, a cautious cook who may be ready to try or devoted disliker who would rather stuff their tomatoes with dirt than lentils? If you are one of the latter, feel free to swap out the lentils for cooked quinoa, buckwheat or brown rice.

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Cheesy Lentil Stuffed Tomatoes

Per tomato: 672kj (160cals); 4.6g total fat (2.4g saturated fat); 5.9g fibre

Cheesy Stuffed Tomatoes f

Healthy eating!


  • Pamela Mullins

    I really like the idea of your Cheesy Lentil Stuffed Tomatoes. I will be eating them for Friday night dinner, perhaps f my husband will have an edition of lean chicken ( he is cutting down on calories
    Jay keep these lovely” Vegy” ideas I need them and all of your recipes are so elegant but tasty.
    “The Taster”

  • Jay – Moodie Foodie

    Thanks Mum. It’s always good to hear from my Number 1 fan xo


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