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New recipe: low fat, low kilojoule, high fibre breakfast recipe

It’s been a while since I’ve done a breakfast recipe and with the colder weather fast approaching, I thought it was time for a Winter Warmer.

Porridge is one of my favourite breakfasts when it’s cold outside; it’s thick and creamy and stays with me until lunch time which is a major bonus. Oh and it’s quick only taking me about 5 minutes to make (double bonus).  I’ll eat my porridge with just about anything, but apples and brown sugar are a particular favourite. In the recipe I’ve suggested using canned apples for convenience but if you’re like me, you make stewed apples on the weekend with all the slightly soft apples that no one wants to eat from the fruit bowl. Either way, apples on porridge with brown sugar is hard to beat.

When I was growing up, Mum used to make us porridge with a dollop of butter in the middle, a sprinkling of sugar and a moat of milk. John had his with wheat-germ, brown sugar and cream. I reckon it’s good with just about anything, don’t you?

Do you make porridge in the colder months? How do you have yours?


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Brown Sugar Porridge

Serves 1
Per serve: 1212.5kj (288.7cals); 5.8g total fat (1.5g saturated fat)

Brown Sugar Porridge

Healthy eating!


  • Pamela Mullins

    Jay is quite right I do have my porridge thick with butter and brown sugar and seeing as I have to put on some weight I might even add cream to her recipe.I am glad to see that though porridge recipes have stayed in her thoughts. Mum


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