In the mood for a Bunless Barbeque Beef Burger

Now say that quickly 6 times – bunless barbeque beef burger, bunless barbeque beef burger…..

We like to play the “what’s your favourite” game in our house. What’s your favourite colour, your favourite book, your favourite city in the world, your favourite juice flavour…..

It was during one of these games that Elly and I turned our attention to our favourite takeaway food. It was coming up to lunch time and we were hungry, not mention sadly that we are both partial to a bit of takeaway…… Annnyway, we both answered for John (who wasn’t there at the time) with a resounding PIZZA! Mia was most likely to be a meat pie, but we both said that our faves were burgers. Big juicy barbequey burgers.

As you can imagine, we started thinking about burgers and soon it was all we could think about. I was in a dilemma, of course as I’m trying to cut down on my white carbs and we know what most burgers are sandwiched between don’t we? White carbolicious carbs!!!!

Not to be thwarted in my quest for the ultimate burger experience, I came up with this gorgeous little baby. Isn’t it pretty? Oh, and how good did it taste? Sauce-dripplingly, cheese meltingly, burgerliciously good.

Bunless BBQ Beef BurgerB

The fabbo thing about this burger is that you can add in all sorts of wonderful stuff without feeling bad. Why? Because you’re stuffing it between crunchy lettuce leaves and there’s no bread, that’s why!! Oh be still my beating heart. I ate it slowly savouring every single mouthful. And you know what? It was probably one of the very few times that I’ve come away from a burger-lovin session feeling great. Light, healthy, balanced and more than a bit proud of myself.

I made mine with beef and barbeque sauce because I can’t get enough of them, but add your own faves. Next time I’m making chicken and camembert with cranberry sauce….

Do you play “what’s your favourite”? Do you like takeaway food? And would you try a bunless burger?

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Bunless Barbeque Beef Burger

Per serve: 1115.8kj (266.5cals); 10g total fat (4.9g saturated fat); 1.6g fibre

Bunless BBQ Beef Burgers

Healthy eating!




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