I’m not prissy, girly or frilly

Confession No 5: But I do love pink

I’ve never been a prissy girl. Never wore frills, lace or pastel colours. I wasn’t a giggler, favoured pants over skirts and preferred the company of boys because they didn’t gossip. I had attitude, held strong opinions about everything, didn’t follow trends and wore a lot of black. I’m still like that, although I suspect I’ve mellowed with age* and my girls make me wear colours every now and then because black is too, well black.

So it may come as a surprise to you that I love pink. Pink? Frilly, lacy, girly, prissy, giggly pink?

No, I’m talking about life-saving, hope-generating, strength-giving, inspirational Pink. The pink of October, international breast cancer month and the Pink Ribbon Breakfast. Pink is important to me; my mother-in-law died of breast cancer, my mother now fights the disease with everything she has, and I have two young daughters for whom I fear with something close to debilitating panic.

These people are a part of my circle, my soul sisters, my family…. I know that I’m not the only one and many of you will have been touched by the disease. In fact, by 2015 42 women a day will be diagnosed with breast cancer**. 42 WOMEN EACH DAY!

So rather than feel helpless and fearful***, I’m doing something positive this year. I’m supporting the NBCF’s Pink Ribbon Breakfast by donating recipes for the thousands of breakfasts that will be held in October. It’s a great cause and it gives us all an opportunity to catch up with our inner circle. I’ll be posting more recipes soon, but check out the mouthwatering morsels below and perhaps consider hosting a breakfast.

If you could have anything for breakfast, what would it be?

*Like a good wine. What time is it? Surely it must be 5pm somewhere. Can you tell that it’s school holidays?
**Stats from National Breast Cancer Foundation
***Something which I’m not good at

White Chocolate Blondies with Strawberries

White Chocolate Blondies with Strawberries

Spiced Fruit Compote with Honey Ricotta

Spiced Fruit Compote with Honey Ricotta

Chilli Eggs


Chocolate Rice Pudding with Raspberry Coulis


Granola Parfait




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