Hot Fudge Self Saucing Pudding

Confession: We ate pudding from a can

It’s been a while since we had something sweet, which may just be a crime in itself. So today I’m righting the wrong, but before we get into the recipe I have a confession. I used to eat pudding from a can. You know, those self saucing puddings you can buy from the supermarket that you either put in the microwave or boil in the can?

Why oh why did I do that? It was never a satisfying experience; they tasted like the packaging – either plasticky or metallic and they were dense and stodgy. Oh well, we live and learn.

Now when I need a bit of hot gooey, self saucing comfort I make my Hot Fudge Self Saucing Pud. It’s light and fluffy (but not too light and fluffy), it has a gooey chocolate fudge sauce (that’s not too sweet) and it’s really, really easy to make. And when I say easy to make I mean it. It’s a bit of measuring, melting and stirring and then the oven does the rest.
Once you’ve had this gorgeous bowl of chocolate fudge decadence you will crave no other.

Now I’m guessing that you’ve already got all of the ingredients in your pantry for this pud so first one to the kitchen gets to lick the spoon!

Hot Fudge Self Saucing Pud


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