Herby Mushrooms on Toast

Low Joule, High Flavour Brekkie

There are just some mornings that you need more than a bit of cereal aren’t there? You know the ones I’m talking about – when you’ve slept badly, had a late night (or a big night), have pmt or are just in need of a little something extra. But what to have, what to have? You’ve been good all week and don’t want to blow it in one sitting but you really, really need something big on flavour that is just a little bit special.

It’s on these days that I turn to my herby mushies on toast. They’re mushilicious and only 554 kilojoules (132 cals) per serve. Packed with mushroomy flavour, I always add a tonne of herbs for extra taste and a little garlic if it’s the weekend and I’m not going to scare too many people away. “Garlic for breakfast?” you say. Don’t knock it till you try it my friend – yuuuuuummmy! I like a good slice of multigrain so serve it on a big slab, but you can use any gorgeously thick bread that you like.

Go on and make it for brekkie, you know you want to. What do you make yourself for breakfast when you need a little bit extra love?

Herby Mushrooms on Toast


Happy eating!




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