Healthy Thai Chicken Curry

Seven Secrets for a Low Kilojoule Tasty Curry

Thai food is one of my favourites. Think fresh limes, peppery coriander, tropical coconut and spicy chilli. Mmmm, it’s making me hungry just thinking about it….. Needless to say, we eat a lot of Thai curries, salads and stir-fries in our house. And whilst I will crawl over cut glass for anything flavoured with coconut, coconut cream (which is used in the traditional Thai Curry) is just way too heavy for me.

Not to be one to miss out on anything, I’ve given the Thai Chicken Curry a healthy makeover, reducing fat and kilojoules/calories by half and generally lightening it up.

Here’s my 7 secrets for a tasty curry under 400 calories (1680 kilojoules):

  1. Use only a little cooking oil. A teaspoon or two is really all you need for a curry.
  2. Swap full fat coconut milk or coconut cream for light coconut milk. You don’t all that heaviness in your curry to get great flavour.
  3. Reduce the amount of coconut milk and replace it with chicken stock. You still get loads of coconutty flavour without the fat.
  4. Replace chicken thighs with skinless breast. You don’t need to worry about breast going dry as the chicken is stir-fried very quickly and poached for the remaining cooking time. Mmmm, nice and juicy.
  5. Go easy on the sugar. Thai curries, as with most Asian cooking, have a sweet element which makes them so delish. But you don’t need much to make a difference, a few teaspoons is all it takes.
  6. Load up with vegetables such as capsicum, baby corn, carrots and anything else your heart desires. You’ll up your fibre and fill your tummy fat free.
  7. Substitute the noodles or rice with vegetables such as shredded wombok (chinese cabbage) for extra lightness. But if you just can’t have a curry without noodles or rice, go ahead and use half a cup per person. You can also use brown rice to up the fibre.

Do you have secrets for lightening up your faves? Share, share, share we could all benefit from your wisdom.

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Healthy Thai Chicken Curry


Happy guilt-free eating!




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