Healthy Chocolate and Pear Pud

Confession: I just had to have dessert

It was just one of those days. You know the ones that start at 6am and just don’t stop. For anything. On the weekend. Mr Moodie Foodie and I were a well oiled tag team (are tag teams oiled?) – moving in and out of the driveway with skilled precision from one appointment/event/game/party to another.

I’ve got to admit that it was a little frantic at times and I got a bit frazzled. But not Elly and Mia. They were calm, cool, collected and slower than slow things. Did they not realise the stuff that we had on today? Did they not realise that NONE OF IT WAS OUR STUFF? Why, why, why does it take 10 minutes to chew one mouthful of cereal?

By 8pm (the last pick up from a party) I was exhausted and in desperate need of mollifying comfort; something sweet to relieve the stress of the day and something that I wouldn’t regret in the morning. I certainly didn’t have the energy to go to the shop (which would only lead to regret laden morsels anyway) and would need to make do with what I had in the pantry. So I stood at the pantry door, staring hopefully for inspiration.

I had some tinned pears and I had some cocoa. And my Chocolate and Pear Pud was born. Some combinations just understand each other better than others and I think chocolate and pears is one of them. I melted some butter while the oven was heating (multi-tasking is key when you’ve had a day like mine) and pulled out a little flour, cocoa, sugar and the tinned pears.

I didn’t have any eggs so I used self-raising flour to get a lighter texture and low fat milk for moisture, adding a splosh of vanilla for extra flavour. It was gorgeous! I had whipped up something really delish from nothing and the day ended in calm, cozy comfort. But I had to share (as you do) and it took less than 10 seconds for their bowls to be licked clean. Why can’t they do that with cereal or anything with vegetables in it……

What do you make yourself when you need sweet comfort?

Chocolate and Pear Pud




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