Healthy Beef Burger, Low Fat Garlic Prawns and Marshmallowy Lemon Pav

Happy Australia Day!

I was never really all that patriotic growing up. I didn’t go in for “Come On Aussie, Come On” – it just wasn’t me. Sure I enjoyed a meat pie every now and then, the odd Chico Roll if I was desperate and Freddo Frogs were always welcome. But my world was pretty small and I didn’t know what it was to be Australian until I lived in someone else’s country. I lived in New Zealand for 15 years and it was there that I came understand the power of patriotism.

If you’ve ever lived somewhere else or travelled overseas, you’ll know what I mean – that chest swelling pride and lump in your throat at hearing Advance Australia Fair, the insatiable craving for Vegemite on everything, and your sudden penchant for wearing green and gold any chance you get (it’s hard to look good in green and gold you know…).

So when I came to writing this post for Australia Day, I thought about all the foodie things that I feel are quintessentially Australian for me. It’s not pies. It’s not lamingtons. And it’s not kangaroo steaks. It’s not even vegemite on toast (although I do love a good vegemite toast). For me it’s a good juicy burger, a big plate of prawns and of course, a pav.

And so here they are in all their Aussie glory, my takes on Advance Australia Fare:

Healthy Beef Burger

Tasty beef burger

Low Fat Garlic Prawns


Marshmallowy Lemon Pav


Happy Australia Day for all you Australians out there.. And for those of you aren’t Aussie, raise a glass for our national day and cook a burger or two, whack a prawn on the barbie and tuck into a pavlova. Anything else would be well, un-Australian.

What’s your favourite Aussie fare?


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