Golden Oven Roasted Calamari

Healthy redo of Mia’s deep fried fave

Mmmmmmm, golden melt-in-the-mouth calamari. Hands up who likes a plate of calamari? (two hands up for me and two hands and two feet for my Mia).

Yep Mia loves a ring or 10 of calamari – orders it wherever we go. And whilst I do admit to loving a good bit of deep fried anything, it’s not good for me and I always feel guilty that I’ve eaten it.

Not being a lover of guilt, I’ve found a way to make this tasty dish by oven roasting instead of deep frying. And it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. All it takes is to coat the calamari rings in a little flour and seasoning, plop them into beaten egg whites and roll in crunchy panko breadcrumbs. Whack them in the oven for about 18 minutes and voila, golden crunchy tastilicious calamari. At only 256 calories/1075kj and 3g of total fat per serve, you’ll be making these all over the place.

I serve mine with a squeeze of lemon but you also crack open a jar of tartare sauce or some low fat mayo if you just have to have something creamy – and sometimes you just have to, right?

Do you like a lovely crunchy ring of calamari from time to time?

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Golden Oven Roasted Calamari


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