Ginger Broccoli Salad

Easy, quick side salad that never disappoints

Do you plan your meals around the protein you’ve got planned for that night? You know, the steak, the chicken, the fish… and then wonder what you’ll have with it? I try not to, but find myself falling into this habit time and time again. “We’ll have chicken tonight. What will I serve with it?” is a common occurrence here.

I guess the key to this type of thinking is to make sure you have plenty of good side dishes that are packed with healthy ingredients to keep it balanced. This Ginger Broccoli Salad is just one of those dishes. Elly and Mia love it. Broccoli? Your kids love broccoli? Yeah, I know it sounds unusual and I do admit that normally Elly wouldn’t touch broccoli without me nagging – Eat your broccoli, it’s good for you. Eat your broccoli, it’s good for you. Eat your broccoli, it’s good for you. But this salad is just so good. The secret is in the dressing. It’s got sesame oil, garlic, ginger, oyster sauce and a little chilli.

This quick and easy healthilicious side goes with everything – beef, lamb, chicken, pork, fish and tofu. I often stir through some rice noodles and eat it without the meat for a light lunch, and you can certainly do this too with the meat if you have really hungry people at your table who need a carb injection to feel satisfied. It’s a great salad to have up your sleeve and you may just increase your chances of everyone eating more broccoli.

What are your favourite sides that you have on standby?

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Ginger Broccoli Salad


Happy eating!




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