French Toast, Bircher Muesli and the yummiest Baked Eggs…..

Special Brekkies You Won’t Regret Tomorrow – Low Cal, Low Fat

I love a good special occasion – particularly if it involves me. LOVE them I tell you. And Mothers’ Day is just one of those occasions. Yay!

I don’t cook on Mothers’ Day anymore because my Mum doesn’t live close by and it’s one of two days in the year when I stay out of the kitchen. The other is my birthday. The fact that I don’t cook on Mothers’ Day doesn’t stop me, however, from leaving little hints (and sometimes gynormous notes for those who don’t do subtle) about what I would like to eat on my special day. Helpful, huh? Why, why do I do this? Because I’m moodie about what I eat. I can’t just eat any old thing, I have to be in the mood for it. And rather than disappoint myself and everyone else around me I help out with lovely little suggestions. And recipes. And sometimes I even do the grocery shopping for them. More help from me – will this generosity ever stop? Generosity not control freakiness…..

Anyway, I was wondering if you guys are the same; you know, moodie about what you eat. Do you need to eat what you feel like to be satisfied or can you chow down on anything that’s put in front of you? If you are one of the latter, I’m envious of your relaxed and casual approach – I suspect it would save much angst in my head. If you’re one of the former, welcome to the club my friends – may we drive everyone around us mad with our moodie foodiness…..

Back to my Mothers’ Day suggestions. This year, I’m conflicted. I don’t know that I feel like which is a major quandary for me and for my beautiful girls, not to mention my incredibly patient and understanding husband. And so I’m giving options to my darlings. I know, I know it’s a big step for me relinquishing control and giving choice. I’ll let you know how it goes, but in the meantime these are my picks and if any of them float your boat, leave a recipe or two around as a little (pointed) hint:

Cinnamon French Toast
One of my all time faves when I need a little special something. It’s warm and cinnamony and sweet and really, really easy. The girls love to make it and at only 370 calories with under 5 grams of fat, I’m happy to eat it any morning.



Bircher Muesli
I do love a good bircher muesli – all that yummy creamy oatyness is just too good to pass up. It’s also easy for kids to make the night before and surprise Mummy in the morning. Made with cranberries, raspberries, strawberries and pomegranate this is so yum, but I also love an apple, fig and banana mix too. This gorgeous morning rib sticker is only 345 calories and 5.5g total fat. Yum in the extreme.



Baked Eggs with Smoked Salmon and Asparagus
This is the queen of brekkies if you love a savoury little number for your special day. It’s easy for even the most kitchen-challenged – just pop everything in a ramekin and let it bake itself, steam a little asparagus and finish it off on the grill. Easy! It’s only 137.7 calories and 8.5g of total fat, so well worth the light indulgence.


So tell me, are you moodie about what you eat or are you happy to indulge in what’s put in front of you?

Happy eating!




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