Fillet Steak Sliders

Beef, Burgers and Beer

I celebrate everything with food: birthdays, Christmas, Easter, the girls’ report day, getting-into-a-team day, I-cleaned-the-house day, just-because-I-love-you day….. And so it should come as no surprise that Dads’ Day looms large on my kitchen calendar. A couple of weeks ago I asked the girls what they thought their Dad would like on the day that celebrates his special Dadliness and they both cried out in unison “Bacon!”.

How well they know their Dad. It would not be a Dads’ Day breakfast without bacon….. But what about dinner? “Meat!” Again, how clever they are, it’s obvious there’s a genetic relation.

You see, Mr Moodie Foodie is a carnivore of the most carnivorous variety. I know I’ve mentioned this before, here, here and here, but I just wanted to set the scene for this year’s culinary celebration. Meat. Well to be more specific, beef. But not just any beef, eye fillet. In a burger. Served with beer. Now that’s what I call a Dad’s Day dinner.

The girls and I decided to do sliders (mini burgers). The girls liked sliders because they’re cute (which is of course very important when planning dinner for your Dad), I wanted sliders because they are the perfect size for an eye fillet.

I trussed the eye fillet*, marinated it for a couple of hours (the longer the better I reckon) and rolled it in herbs and seasonings. Wanting to keep it simple, I’ve paired the beef with mushrooms and onions which is a classic combo. Oh, and I’ve added some spinach in a pathetic attempt at getting some greens in there…… I’ll make myself feel better by placing a gynormous bowl of salad on the table.

* If you don’t know how to truss (or in fact, don’t know what that is!), I’ve included a photo. All it is is tying up the fillet with a little string so that it keeps its shape during cooking. It doesn’t have to be as neat as the photo either; no one is going to see it except you.


As for my Dad, he doesn’t live close enough to my kitchen for me to cook for him on Fathers’ Day. But Dad if you’re reading this, you know there’s always a burger and beer here for you whenever you want it xox

Fillet Steak Sliders


If burgers aren’t your thing, drop in at Village Voices for other Moodie Foodie Dad’s Day Dinner ideas



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