Fabulous Figs – 6 great recipes for you to try

It’s a short season so get in quick

I can’t look at a fig without thinking of my Mum. Not that she looks like a fig, she just really, really loves figs…. And whilst I wouldn’t rush out and buy up big as soon as the first figs hit the markets, I enjoy a good figgy dish every now and then.

Last year I wrote about figs and my ambivalence to this most Mediterranean of fruity treats, bringing you a prosciutto, fig and ricotta brushetta – yummy, yum, yum. Again that gorgeous combination of salty, sweet and pungent altogether in one mouthful. Now last year, I said I was going to make figs, wrapped in prosciutto and stuffed with blue cheese.

Now whilst I’m not one to go back on my promises, I wondered if it was too similar to last year’s figgy formula. So this year I’m bringing you a collection of recipes with figs. It truly is a Festival of Figgy Fabulousness and there’s something for every cooking level.

Moodie’s Prosciutto, Fig and Ricotta Bruschetta


Not Quite Nigella’s Goats Cheese Tart with Fresh Figs


delicious magazine’s Fig Sorbetto


Good Taste’s Pancetta, Fig and Brie Pizza


Donna Hay’s Fig Martinis


Donna Hay’s Lamb Roasted on Fennel and Figs


Do you like figs? What’s your favourite way to eat figs?

Happy eating!




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