Elly’s Black Forest Cloud Cake with Cherry Chocolate Syrup

Confession No 10 – I wasn’t maternal, and then…

I wasn’t the maternal type. I didn’t feel comfortable around children and was definitely not lining up to hold, smell or kiss the new baby of anyone. I didn’t get the cuteness of booties or all-in-ones and I certainly didn’t coo and make baby talk. My parents whispered to each other that I would be the one in the family not to marry and children were a definite question mark. Apparently there’s one in every generation and I was IT for mine.

Not one to be told anything, I married young but kids weren’t on the horizon. Yet. I always knew that I’d have them some day but not at 22. I travelled the world, built a career and had a load of fun but as time went on I could feel the booties and all-in-ones calling. We tried and failed. We lost one on the way. We stayed positive and tried again and again. Five years went past. We were beginning to think it was never going to happen. And then she came.


She was my world. She came before everybody and everything. I cuddled, played, kissed and yes, I even cooed. The sleepless nights, the milk vom, bad hair days and the fact that I was rarely out of a tracksuit was inconsequential. I loved her fiercely and for someone who wasn’t maternal, I was feeling very ah, maternal.

As the years have gone by, she’s grown into a lovely girl (but then I would say that wouldn’t I?). She’s kind, compassionate, loving and quirky. She is incredibly funny and makes me laugh even in the most trying of times. If I was her age, I’d want to be her friend.

Elly turned 10 this year. It was an auspicious birthday – double digits! And even though I was feeling a little sad (she’s growing up too fast, the attitude starts at 10, she won’t want to hug me in public soon, she’ll be going off to university in 8 years, I want my baby back……..) she was very excited. We needed to mark the occasion with something special, something more than just a cake. So we thought about it and I remembered a gorgeous strawberry number of Annabel Langbein’s and a decadent chocolate creation of Nigella’s. Neither was exactly right and anyway, it had to be from my heart to hers. It had to say Elly – sweet, beautiful and dreamy.


And so we came up with Elly’s Black Forest Cloud Cake. It’s a light-as-a-cloud frozen meringue with plenty of depth from the chocolate and cherries. The syrup finishes it off with that little extra special something. Best of all is it’s so easy to make ; 15 – 20 minutes tops and you’re done. Perfect!

And in case you’re wondering if I had any more babies? Absolutely. Miss Mia came along 17 months after Elly and my world just got bigger and better. But she’s a whole other story…….

Black Forest Cloud Cake with Cherry Chocolate Syrup


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