Easy Peasy Bacon and Egg Pies

Light tastiness for the morning after the night before

When I moved to New Zealand in 1990 I was amazed (and very very happy) at the range lovely little savoury treats they had in every cafe on every corner. Mini party pies, tiny sausage rolls, baby quiche of every flavour and one of my personal faves, the bacon and egg pie. What I loved most about these savoury little morning munchables was the fact that they were made without pastry. They used bread instead. What a great idea! Why hadn’t I thought of that??? It’s a bit like the Post It Note or the paperclip isn’t it, so simple and yet so helpful.

Yes, helpful indeed these bacon and egg pies saved my bacon (pardon the pun) on more than one morning when I had had too much fun the night before and needed mucho savoury stuff to get me through a long, long day at work.

These days I make them because I love to eat them (more a want as opposed to a need) and they’re great for picnics and lunchboxes. You can put whatever you like in them – cheese, tomato, salmon, whatever you would normally put in a quiche. And they’re pretty light at only 220 calories for 2 pies. Mmmmmmm, love anything with the word ‘pie’ in it don’t you?

Did you (or do you) have a fave little something that helps you through the day when you’ve indulged the night before?

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Easy Peasy Bacon and Egg Pies


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