Easy Creamy Corn Soup

Quick hunger-busting big bowl of goodness

I’ve always loved corn. Whether it’s popped, steamed, barbequed in its husk, toasted in a sandwich with cheese, tossed through a salad, stirred through a stirfry or slapped into a soup, it’s always good. Ooooooo, especially in soup. All those little golden nuggets of corny goodness just work so well in soup don’t you think?

One of my all time faves is chicken and sweetcorn soup – always has been, always will be, always ordered at the Chinese restaurant. But lately I’ve been making a different soup; a thick, creamy, easy, hunger-busting soup. I call it Easy Creamy Corn Soup – original, huh?


This particular soup came to being (like so many of my recipes) from a desperate need for something hot and creamy but not fattening and something I would regret as soon as I’d licked the last drop off the bowl (yes, I do that sometimes…..). I had a lot of corn in the fridge for some reason and wanted to use it but didn’t want to make my normal chicken and sweetcorn soup (I also had to have something filling enough for the girls to eat without meat). And so I whacked everything into a saucepan, cooked it and blitzed the little kernels out of it. Mmmmmmm, creamy and thick and yummy.

The recipe makes quite a bit (it’ll easily make 4 big bowls) which is great for a Sunday night dinner, a meatless Monday, an easy mid-weeker or a rainy afternoon lunch.

Do you like corn? What’s your favourite corn recipe – do share, as I said, I love corn.

Easy Creamy Corn Soup


Happy eating!




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