Drunken Chicken

Confession No 28: I’m in love with Chinese Food

And when I say in love I mean head-over-heels, dream filling, poem writing love. Well perhaps not poem writing because I’m really bad at that, but may be recipe writing love? Yep, that sounds better … and far less weird.

I adore all Asian food but Chinese holds a special place for me. When I was young it was a special treat to have Chinese for dinner. We’d go to the local Chinese restaurant and eat with white plastic chopsticks – I loved that. In those days almost every suburb had local shops with a supermarket, a chemist, a post office and the obligatory Chinese restaurant. Perhaps that’s where the love comes from?


Or perhaps it’s the fascination of a culture that is so different from my own. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with China. I still get a hand-clapping childish delight from China Town. It’s busy and loud and well, Chinese.

Regardless of why I love it, I love it and just had to share another Chinese recipe with you. Why? Well, for one it’s got a cool name – Drunken Chicken. Doesn’t it just make you want to cook it? Or drink it…. But probably more importantly is that it’s fantastically tasty and so easy to make.

If you’re anything like me and addicted to reality cooking shows, you’ll already have heard of Drunken Chicken before when we watched Masterchef’s Alvin Quah treat us to his childhood memory. And from that moment on, I had to try it.


Moodie Drunken Chicken is probably a little less drunken than most. I use less Shaoxing (Chinese rice wine), more water and lots of Asian aromatics for flavour. Basically it’s a chicken poached in broth for an hour. Once you’ve got the chicken in the pot with the other ingredients, it cooks itself. Oh and it makes the most heavenly broth that you’ll be able to use for other dishes or for those days when you’re feeling under the weather and need something restorative. Freeze it in batches and use it when you need it.

What’s your favourite cuisine?

Drunken Chicken – my gorgeous bowl of Chinese comfort


Indulge without guilt
Eat without deprivation
Cook great food even when you are on your own
Embrace food moods
Eat what you want



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