Double Shot Coffee Granita

Classically cool end to dinner

I’m not a big dessert person, but sometimes it’s nice to finish off dinner with something sweet don’t you think? And when the weather’s hot, a little sweet cool something is just what you need. That’s when I make a granita. It’s flavoured ice, but not just any flavoured ice. Special flavoured ice, flavoured with anything you like. And grown up flavoured ice with something a little stronger? Oooooh, now you’re talking…

If you’ve never made granita fear not my friends as it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. You don’t need any fancy equipment – just a fork and a clean metal container. The fork’s easy – who doesn’t have a fork? And as for the metal container, I use a clean 20cm square cake tin for small batches or a swiss roll pan for when I’ve got friends coming.

Then it’s just a matter of deciding what flavour you feel like, mixing it all together over a bit of heat to melt the sugar and whacking it in the freezer. Okay, you need to break up the mixture every now and then but it’s not hard at all and you could get someone else to do it. I tried to get my cairn terrier, Missy, to do it once but she couldn’t be bothered getting off the chair to do me a favour so I had to do it myself.

“Stir your own granita, can’t you see I’m resting?”

Unappreciative, spoilt K9s with lazy attitudes aside, adults only granita is an easy and classically elegant dessert to serve after dinner. I love this coffee infused beauty (coffee and Kahlua) because it’s coffee and dessert in one.

Who doesn’t love to save time with a good two-in-one? But you can pick any flavour you like – orange (with a little Grand Marnier), raspberry (use Framboise), lime and coconut (mmmm, Malibu)…. The options are endless and I could go on forever because I love granita. But I won’t. I’ll just stop now and let you put the coffee on.

Double Shot Coffee Granita


Do you have an unappreciative pet that won’t even stir a little flavoured ice for you? And what’s your favourite dish to end a dinner with friends?

Happy eating!




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