Crispy Christmas Spuds – tasty, light, easy

Day 4 – 12 Days of Christmas

Okay, we’ve done salads and now we’re into carb territory. Starchy, salty super yummy spuds. Over the next few days I’m covering off 3 completely different ways you can roast, slice, dice and generally zjoosh up the humble spud. I’m starting with Crispy Christmas Spuds because it seems, well appropriate. But also because my little family of potato hooverers just adore roasted potatoes. Can’t get enough of them. Would mutiny if I served anything else and may just wither into nothing if there was ever a potato famine.

My Crispy Christmas Spuds are the easiest ever, low fat and tasty mc-tasty pants. What makes them so tasty that they’ve earned the illustrious ‘mc-tasty pants’ honour? They have lots of lovely fresh rosemary and big gynormous cloves of creamy garlic. Yep, no vampires allowed, big flavoured herby, garlicky (although not too garlicky), crispy goodness.

So why did these make the 12 Days of Christmas?

  • They’re roast potatoes and everyone knows that roast potatoes are the food of celebration don’t they?
  • They are super easy to make – a bit of chopping and the oven does the rest. Handy…
  • The juicy cloves of garlic are out of this world – roasted garlic rocks! It’s sweet and creamy rather than punch-in-the-face extreme.
  • They go with everything you’re going to put on the table on Christmas Day. I bet they’d even taste alright on your morning toast…..
  • They’re called Christmas spuds!

Crispy Christmas Spuds


Now that you’re really craving carb-laden Christmas treats, it’s creamy parmesan and chive potato gratin. Oh my, watering mouth just typing this……..

12 Days of Christmas Recap:

Day 1 – Watermelon, basil and fetta salad
Day 2 – Corn and blueberry salad
Day 3 – Roast peach, blue cheese and walnut salad
Day 4 – Crispy Christmas Spuds




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