Cream of Chicken Soup

Creamy, low calorie chicken soup

Are you a fan of creamy soup? Oh, me too! All soups in fact and because it’s cold here in Old Melbourne Town, I’m cooking soups like crazy – roast vegetable soup, chicken noodle soup, cheesy broccoli soup, pea and ham soup, Japanese mushroom noodle soup. But one of my all time faves is Cream of Chicken Soup.

It’s said to be good for the soul, chicken soup, and I reckon whoever said that is right. It’s warm and comforting and completely delish. That’s got to be good for anyone’s soul, yes? I make my own Cream of Chicken Soup so I can eat guilt-free. Creamy soups can be so heavy in fat and calories that you just don’t need and by making your own low fat recipes, you can have them any time you like. Homemade soups just taste better anyway, don’t you think?

I use skinless drumsticks for this recipe, but you can use anything you like – just make sure it’s got bones as you get so much more flavour out of the bones during the cooking process. I also use light evaporated milk for the ‘creamy’ bit. It’s low fat and gives a gorgeous full bodied creamy flavour that’s perfect for this soup.

What’s your favourite creamy soup? And do you make your own?

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Creamy of Chicken Soup


Happy eating!




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