Crab and Green Mango Salad

Easy healthy salad made in 10

I’m deep in salad mode at the moment. I guess that happens in Summer doesn’t it? But I suspect that I might be more ‘salady’ than most. I never get tired of it – there are just so many beautiful combinations and every single one of them different, which is just perfect for a moodie person like me:)

Today I feel like Crab and Green Mango. It’s light and tangy and made in 10 minutes. Brilliant! The girls have gone back to school (which makes me sad – love having them around…) and I need to get my head back into work. So I need something quick but extra tasty and this is just perfect. I keep cans of crab meat in the pantry, so that’s easy and I’ve always got coriander and spring onions on hand.

The only slightly trickly ingredient is the green mango (lucky for me I picked one up at the market on the weekend). Green mangoes are actually a different variety from the normal mangoes you see in the supermarket. They are hard, green and slightly tart as opposed to sweet, soft and extra juicy. You can buy them from Asian stores but if you can’t find one then grab the greenest mango you can find and it’ll still taste pretty great.

I haven’t included any carbohydrate in this salad as I want to keep it light, light, light, but if you feel you need a little something extra to get you through the day, throw in some rice vermicelli which would be perfect. In fact, I might just do that for the girls’ dinner tonight…..

What’s your favourite salad?

Crab and Green Mango Salad


Happy Eating!




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