Corn and Blueberry Salad – easy, different and oh so tasty

Day 2 – 12 Days of Christmas

“Corn and blueberries?” you say. Corn. And. Blueberries? Have you gone mad? Well actually the fact that I’ve just sold my house, have two weeks to find another house (just found one on Friday!), pack up sold house, move to new house while doing my Christmas shopping and supporting my sad little girls while they say goodbye to their school friends for the second time in 2 years has the potential for madness don’t you think? But I’m holding on. Just…..

Anyway, back to the salad. Corn and blueberries is actually one of my newest combo revelations. Earlier on in the year we had friends over for a barbeque and in walks this gorgeous salad (well, not actually walking because salads don’t walk – or could that be the madness talking?) It had corn, blueberries, black-eyed peas and all sorts of other goodies, but the one thing that stood out for me was the corn and blueberries. Gorgeous!

The creaminess of the corn coupled with the soft sweet burst of blueberries was yum, yum, yummy. I’ve since reworked the salad so it fits better with my own little tastebuds and I gotta admit, it’s become one of my faves. I’ve added spring onions for bite and coriander for freshness and tied it all together with a lime dressing that just zings. ZINGS I tell you!

So why did this one make the 12 Days of Christmas?

  • It’s beautiful – it’s important to be surrounded by beautiful food on Christmas Day don’t you think?
  • It’s easy peasy lime squeezy – the only cooking is the corn kernels for 3 minutes. 3 minutes! I take longer to put on my lippy.
  • You can make it ahead of time (even the day before without the dressing) and it still tastes perfect (in fact, it will keep in the fridge for days if you haven’t added the dressing).
  • Like my watermelon, fetta and basil number yesterday, it will compliment anything you want to serve it with – chicken, pork, lamb, beef, ham, prawns…… It’s also substantial enough to eat on its own with a few noodles or other vegetarian sides.

Corn and blueberry salad


Calm yourself because tomorrow is Roast Peach, Blue Cheese and Walnut Salad. Oh be still my beating heart…..

12 Days of Xmas Re-cap:

Day 1 – Watermelon, Fetta and Basil Salad
Day 2 – Corn and Blueberry Salad




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