Chocolate Marshmallow Brownie Cake

10 things I want my baby to know on her 10th birthday

My baby is turning 10 on Sunday. How did that happen? It only seems like yesterday that I didn’t have any babies let alone two beautiful young girls in double digits. Mia has wanted her own post here since Elly’s for her 10th birthday. It somehow seemed very important to her to be represented on something that’s so important to me.

And while I was thinking about what I would like to write about my youngest, I decided that the best I could give her as she embarks on her life in double digits is advice. Not “clean your room or bad things will happen” advice (although it will), but rather my hopes for her happiness. She has to take advice if it’s public, right?


  1. Believe in yourself and stay true to who you are. Changing to fit in with others will only make you unhappy in the long run, even if it makes you acceptable to a group or an individual right now.
  2. See shades of grey – life isn’t black and white and it’s good to see things from another’s point of view, even if you don’t agree with it.
  3. Don’t take on other people’s stuff. It’s their stuff, not yours. If someone is unhappy, support them but it’s not your job to make them happy. And if someone says something mean, it doesn’t make it so my darling.
  4. Be kind and compassionate. Treat others how you want to be treated regardless of their behaviour. It’s hard sometimes I know, but if you get caught up in a tit for tat with others you’re only going to feel bad about yourself.
  5. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Never be afraid to laugh out loud, sing at the top of your lungs or dance like there’s no tomorrow – it’s liberating and fun and kinda cool.
  6. I’m not always right, and you’re entitled to your own opinion. You may not always like my decisions and sometimes you’ll need to go along with it because I’m your Mum, but you don’t always have to agree with it. Just know that I’m doing the best I can and I want everything that’s good for you.


  1. Be You not me or Elly or Daddy or the coolest person on your favourite tv show. Walk your own path and feel confident with who you are.
  2. Never say Never. I know, I know it sounds like a Justin Bieber song, but stay open to new adventures and experiences. Life has so much to offer and there are incredibly exciting things to come.
  3. I will always love you no matter what. Even when I’m cranky with you, I’m still on your side and you’re stuck with me.
  4. You are amazing. Strong, brave, proud, fierce, smart, beautiful, compassionate, competitive, kind, determined and the best hugger ever. You and your sister fill my world with joy beyond what I was thought was possible. There are no words big enough to express how much I love you: right up to the moon and back just isn’t enough.

p.s. No matter how amazing I think you are, you are not getting a horse for your birthday.


Now for the 10th birthday cake. Mia doesn’t really have a sweet tooth. She’s pretty picky about lollies, biscuits and cakes but if you put anything chocolatey in front her she’ll eat it. She loves brownies and she loves berries and she LOVES marshmallow so I wrote a recipe that incorporates most of it – trying to keep it on the light side of heavy. I lost count how many versions I made of this cake trying to get the right balance of lightness and flavour but I think I got there in the end. It looks like a big chocolate sandwich I know, but that seemed to be okay by my baby girl.

Mia’s Chocolate Marshmallow Brownie Cake


Next week we talk Christmas. Have a fab weekend,




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