Chocolate Cloud Kisses

Confession No 23 – Let’s celebrate love – all love…

From the time I knew boys existed (and by existed I mean, kiss-worthy and not eeewww), Valentine’s Day became an important day on the calendar. I’d rush home from school to see if there were expressions of undying love in the letterbox; sometimes there were and sometimes there weren’t. In fact, more often there weren’t.

Aahhh, Valentine’s Day. It’s great if you’re in a relationship with someone who understands that these days of complete and utter commercialism are important to a girl. But crappy if you aren’t – in a relationship or you’re unlucky enough to attract one who just doesn’t get it! I’ve been in all three situations and the last two weren’t great on Valentine’s Day.

And then I went to America for a year and experienced their version of Valentine’s Day. In America, they celebrate all love on this auspicious day. Not just romantic love but every type of love. The card shop was bursting with cards for daughters to their dads, mothers to their children, sisters to their sisters, friends to friends, mothers to their mothers and grandmothers (but not dads to their dads – those cards mustn’t have sold well…).

At the time I thought it was weird and a little bit creepy but on reflection I wonder if it’s a much better way of going about it: to celebrate love, all types of love regardless of whether you are in a romantic relationship or not. If you are lucky enough to have love in your life, why not celebrate it on Valentine’s Day?

And what could be a better way of showing someone that you love them than with chocolate cloud kisses. These gorgeous morsels are made with soft marshmallowy meringues held together with an indulgence dollop of dark chocolate ganache. The meringue is really soft and gooey as opposed to hard and dry, just like clouds. Heaven on a plate and so easy that it’s almost embarrassing: almost but not quite….

So make these chocolate cloud kisses for someone special this Valentine’s Day: your mum, dad, sister, brother, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, dog, cat, bird, guinea pig… Or just make them for yourself, but plan to have more than one; there’s no such thing as one chocolate cloud kiss….

What do you think of Valentine’s Day? Big bunch of commercial hooey or a lovely opportunity to let people know how you feel about them?

Chocolate Cloud Kisses


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