Chinese Noodle Omelette

What I make when I SO can’t be bothered

My problem is that I love fast food. Not because it tastes good and not because it makes me feel good, but because it’s fast when I can’t be bothered making anything. No inspiration or inclination to cook at all. It’s at these times that I make one of 2 dishes, Spanish Eggs (which I adore and never make quite the same each time) and this tasty Chinese Noodle Omelette.

I do so love an omelette. You can put just about anything in them and they taste great. This one is packed with Chinese style veges, quickly stir-fried, mixed with some rice vermicelli and stuffed into an omelette with some oyster sauce. Quick! And tasty. I’ve given you a recipe with suggested stuff to stir-fry but feel free to mix it up – it’s gotta be fast and so you’ve gotta use what you’ve got in the fridge.

So next time you’re thinking, I need something fast and the drive-through up the road sounds perfect, try this instead. Honestly, you’ll have it made before the guy in the box can say “Can I take your order?”.

What do you cook yourself when you need something fast? We had a cheese and pickle sandwich the other night on one such occasion, but I really should have made this…….

Click on the recipe title or photo to go through to the recipe

Chinese Noodle Omelette


Have a great weekend and happy eating!




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