Chilli con Patata

My mouth waters just looking at it….

Some of my favourite memories involve Mexican food. It’s one of those cuisines that inspire shared eating, laughter and relaxation (ooooh, and margaritas). There’s something festive about plonking everything in the middle of the table where everyone can help themselves, it’s gathering at its best.


John and I ate a lot of Mexican food when we were first married; it was cheap, tasty and most importantly, went a long way. John was in the army and had hoards of hungry friends; me being me wanted to cook for everyone I met, so it worked out well. We had Taco Night, Burrito Night, Enchilada Night and the most popular Chilli con Carne Night……

All of these nights involved meat and lots of it – boys being boys weren’t happy with a vegetarian option. In fact, the closest they got to that was the sides of sour cream, avocado, chillies and lime! But as time has gone on and I have lightened up my cooking, I’ve revisited our old favourite chilli con carne using all the same flavours but replacing the meat with potatoes – patata instead of carne. And you know what? It’s become one of my personal favourites (even my carnivorous carnivore likes it).

It’s lighter than the meat version for obvious reasons, but plenty filling with lovely big flavours of cumin, paprika and garlic. I serve it with light sour cream and avocado for creaminess and finish it off with a sprinkling of coriander and a spritz of lime to freshen it up. YUM!

So next time you have a hankering for mucho Mexican but want to keep it light and healthy, try my chilli con patata. Just look at it, doesn’t it make your mouth water?

What do you cook when you’ve got hungry hoards to feed?

Chilli con Patata


I’m off to Eat Drink Blog in Adelaide this weekend – now doesn’t that sound great? Eat. Drink. Blog! I’ll tell you all about it when I get back cause I’m sure there’s stuff you’ll just need to know. Have a great weekend,




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