Chicken Potato Bake

Light, lean comfort for desperate times

I have the worst pmt EVER and am in desperate need of comfort. You know me, when I’m having an emotion or mood I need food. It’s how The Moodie Foodie came about. But I’m trying to be good so I need options that assuage my need for comfort without blowing my eating plan all the to the pizza guy around the corner (he is way to close for my liking!).

I don’t know about you but nothing drives me to the kitchen more than pmt. I’m hungry 24 hours a day and I hear evil persuasive whispers like “eat the cake”, “ooohh, let’s have some hot chips”, “mmmm, how about that camembert in the fridge – no, no don’t just cut a slice, we’ll eat the whole thing!”, “don’t worry about cooking tonight, let’s go greasy” and it goes on…… But as I said, I’m trying to be good and so I plan for the evil whispers and make something like my Chicken Potato Bake.


Oh comforting of couch potato comfort, this dish is just what I need: lean mince (for some reason I always crave mince too at these times), loads of veges, slices of potato and a creamy sauce. Mmmmmmmm, I do love a good oven bake. I layer thin potato slices (cut using a mandolin) and a mixture of lean chicken mince, leeks, peas and garlic in a creamy sauce. So. Good. I serve it with a lovely big salad or steamed veges and I’m a happier person. Well, happier for the time it takes me to eat it and then I’m cranky again. Did I mention that pmt also makes me cranky? That’s another story…….

Do you have a mood that makes you hungry? And do you hear evil whispers encouraging you to do stuff that you really shouldn’t do involving pizza?

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Healthy eating!




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