Chicken and Mushroom Involtini with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Making it special shouldn’t take hours

I like to keep my cooking simple – a quick marinade, a big salad, a touch of garlic or a fresh sauce is all I need most days to turn boring into beautiful. But every now and then I have a yearning to make something special and it’s almost always when I have friends for dinner. Yes, I could make something familiar and kinda normal, but it’s nice to spoil those you enjoy once in a while isn’t it? And for me, nothing says you’re special to me more than cooking and sharing time over food.

Now for some of you (or most of you), the cooking bit of the evening is the downer. You don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen slaving for hours over a hot stove while everyone else is enjoying sparkling conversation and lots of wine. You want to be out there sparkling too, right? That’s where my chicken and mushroom involtini comes in. It looks amazing and you can make it hours ahead of time, pop it in the fridge until you need it and then give it a quick cook. Ta Da!

This gorgeous dish requires a little love but not much more time than a simple mid-week meal, I promise. All it takes is some beating (of the chicken), mixing (a few ingredients) and rolling (everything in ham). Basically, it’s flattened chicken breast, filled with delicious cheesy stuff, rolled in ham. I’ve taken it a step further and made a creamy mushroom sauce because life isn’t worth living without sauce, but it’s the easiest sauce ever (except for opening a bottle I guess) and tastes toe curlingly good.

In true Moodie style, I’ve lightened up the ingredients by replacing prosciutto with lean ham (involtini is usually made with prosciutto), used light cream cheese instead of full fat and made the sauce using a mixture of stock with light cream instead of just cream with a few mushrooms thrown in. But you’d never know. I love it because it’s simple and elegant and just a little bit impressive.

What’s your go to dish when you want to cook something special?

Chicken and Mushroom Involtini with Creamy Mushroom Sauce


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