In the mood for Cheesy Tex Mex Scones

Take a break from sandwiches with this healthy lunchbox idea
I’ve got one thing to say to you – these taste like tacos. Not only do they taste like tacos but they’re incredibly healthy, filling, low calorie and low fat. Okay, that’s more than one thing I’ve said but once you’ve tasted these you’ll forgive me for waffling.

I came up with these scones last year when I was scouting around for alternatives to sandwiches for the girls’ lunchboxes. As much as we love a good sambo in this house, the vegemite sandwich can get a little boring 5 days a week.  So it was into the kitchen to experiment. I wanted it to be filling, tastier than a tasty thing and healthy. Oh, and easy…..

We were in love with Mexican flavours at that time (still are) so I came up with these lovely scones. Made with wholemeal flour (fibre), loads of vegetables (vitamins and minerals), spices (flavour) and low fat tasty cheese (protein), they tick all the boxes. If you’re not a fan of wholemeal flour or think your kids will give you the evil stink eye if you even have it in the pantry, try using half wholemeal and half plain self raising flour for a while. You can gradually add more wholemeal flour each time you make them, replacing the white. Sneaky……

These wonderful little Mexican munchies are packed with flavour and freeze well. I make them on the weekend, cool them completely and freeze individually. It makes for very quick lunch making on Monday morning – bonus!


Are you a fan of the vegemite sandwich? Do you LOVE Mexican flavours and if you have kids, do they give you the evil stink eye when you try to add sneaky healthy ingredients?


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Cheesy Tex Mex Scones

Per scone: 753.9kj (179.5 cals); 5.3g total fat (2.7g saturated fat); 4.7g fibre

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Healthy eating!



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