Champagne Chicken with Cranberries

Confession No 22: I stay in on Valentine’s Day

I love to go out for dinner if for no other reason than to wear something other than tracksuit pants while I’m eating. Well, that and I don’t have to think about what I’m going to cook, I don’t need to do any dishes, I can have some adult conversation (am eternally hopeful), someone is waiting on me for a change, I don’t have any interruptions from those in the family that don’t want to go to bed and are convinced their stalling tactics are completely original and I don’t have a small dog sitting at my feet looking oh so hopeful. Ok, so there’s more than one reason….

But I confess that I avoid restaurants on Valentine’s Day. I know it’s the day that we publicly celebrate our love and perhaps that’s the reason why I avoid it (oh, epiphany!). For me, Valentine’s Day is personal to be shared with the person with whom I have spent the last 23 years laughing and crying (or is that laughing at and crying over?), giving and receiving forgiveness (lots of giving) and hoping and dreaming (for a weekend without rugby). You can see clearly that love is a double-edged sword….

So this Valentine’s I’m staying in. I may have to make an effort to remove myself from the trackies, get the dishwasher to work overtime, make some conversation cue cards and lock all small beings in their rooms (and kennel), but I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to cook. It’s has to be Champagne Chicken with Cranberries; a recipe modified from Mireille Guiliano’s Chicken au Champagne. It shouts love and indulgence but most of all, it’s easy. Lovely stuffed chicken breasts cooked in champagne and served with a gorgeous simple rocket salad.

Plan to make this on Valentine’s Day for someone you love. Whether it’s romantic love or not doesn’t matter, it’s about letting people know how you feel about them by cooking something special.

Do you stay in or go out on Valentine’s Day? Or do you just let it slide by?

Dessert is coming on Tuesday, so keep an eye out.

Champagne Chicken with Cranberries

Champagne Chicken with Cranberries

If chicken isn’t your thing, flick through Indulgence Absolute – you’re bound to find something special.

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Eat without deprivation
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