The Skinny On…. Skinny Sausages

Sausages - chicken

I LOVE sausages. Love. Them. The epitome of comfort food, don’t you think?. Warm tasty sausies, served on mash with gravy? Or whacked in bread slathered with tomato sauce?  Oh my, so good. But you know what I’m gonna say don’t you? The fat? The kilojoules? The salt? Yep, yep and yep. So I’m here … [Read more...]


5 Tips to Fight The Winter Blues


I get the Winter Blues every year. What can I say, I’m not a winter person. It’s too cold. I don’t like to be cold. When I’m cold I stay inside. When I stay inside I eat and I don’t exercise. And then I get sad, flat and uninspired not to mention a little wider. This winter I’ve got a plan to … [Read more...]


Compare It – Sausage Rolls

Healthy Beef Sausage RollsB

New recipe – healthy, low fat sausage rolls Welcome to the first of my Compare It posts where I take something that’s traditionally unhealthy and make it healthily good for you. Big (Un)Fat Bonus! And we’re starting with sausage rolls. Of course we are, those big juicy rolls of beef and pastry … [Read more...]


Eat Your Fibre – but how much is enough?


Not to be indelicate but if you’ve ever had a painful poo chances are you’re not getting enough fibre in your diet. For me, that’s reason enough to eat lots of fibre but there are other reasons. Fibre is primarily needed to keep your digestive tract healthy and happy, cleaning out your system and … [Read more...]


Snack Swaps – 10 healthy swaps to keep you satisfied

10 healthy snack swaps1

Snacking, we all do it and not usually because we’re hungry. Stress, boredom and habit are all major contributors to why we snack. But sometimes we’ve just got to, don’t we? And who and I to tell you not to snack? I’m a snacker too. But I try to keep it healthy most of the time and am always … [Read more...]


PMS – Food that helps kick it to the curb

PMS Cover

PMS (pmt), urgh! When it comes to the monthly curse, we women really did draw the short straw. Not only am I bloated and irrational, my mood swings are so fast that it could snap your neck if you blinked and missed the danger signs (a nano’s nano second would be too long). Another symptom of my … [Read more...]


Portion Size Guide – Too much, too little or just right?

Portion size guide

You know me, I LOVE food and think you should be able to eat what you feel like – it’s the moodie way. But even if you’re a relatively healthy eater, you may be eating too much of a good thing. Upsizing meals, bigger plates, mucho amazing choice and years of our Mum’s telling us to finish our dinner … [Read more...]


Eat yourself happy – 10 foods that make you happy

Eat yourself happy

There’s no denying that what we eat affects how we feel but did you know that certain foods can make us happy? Cool I know, and it all comes down to one weird little word – tryptophan ((trip-toe-fan: just in case you wanted to say it out loud...). Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that’s … [Read more...]



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Breakfast Banana SmoothieB1

In the mood for THE Best Breakfast Smoothie EVER

My girls don’t always feel like breakfast and it can be grind to get them to eat something that will

Vegetarian Spag BolB1

In the mood for Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese

Spag Bol. It’s a dish I grew up on. It’s the first recipe I learnt to cook by myself. It’s been my

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