In the mood for Easy Pear Crumble

Easy Pear CrumbleB1

Healthy, low kilojoule, low fat, high fibre dessert recipe There’s something so comforting about a fruit crumble don’t you think? And easy? Oh, so easy. All you need is seasonal fruit, a little sugar and spice and a quick, light crumble mixture. Voila! Pears are in season at the moment so … [Read more...]


In the mood for Healthy Mexican Bean Bake

Mexican Bean BakeB1

Low kilojoule, low fat, high fibre, healthy winter bake recipe Do you love a warm oven bake as much as I do? Thick, comforting, casseroley bakes packed with big flavours that fill you up  right down to your toes - mmmmm, is there anything better on a winter's night?   This healthy, … [Read more...]


How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs

Making the perfect scrambled eggs is often a point of great debate among cooks and chefs alike and everyone seems to have a different opinion - cook on high, cook on low, stir constantly, stir infrequently......I use the same technique every time and they turn out soft, creamy and delish every … [Read more...]


In the mood for Thai Lentil Soup

Thai Lentil SoupB

High fibre, low fat, low kilojoule recipe I have a lot of favourite soups because I love soup and can’t get enough of it when it’s cold outside. But my Thai Lentil Soup is truly a favourity fave, a favourite of favourites, the epitome of favouritism. It’s good. So good in fact that my girls ask … [Read more...]



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Breakfast Banana SmoothieB1

In the mood for THE Best Breakfast Smoothie EVER

My girls don’t always feel like breakfast and it can be grind to get them to eat something that will

Vegetarian Spag BolB1

In the mood for Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese

Spag Bol. It’s a dish I grew up on. It’s the first recipe I learnt to cook by myself. It’s been my

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