Black Forest Trifle – rich and low fat

Day 11 – Moodie 12 Days of Christmas

I can’t do the 25th without trifle. It’s just wouldn’t be Christmas without all that lovely cakey, fruity, custardy yumminess. When I think about the trifles of my childhood I see peaches for some reason – peaches and strawberries. I make trifles in all shapes and sizes with all sorts of flavour combinations, but one of my favourites is Black Forest. There is something SO delicious about chocolate with cherries. Add a little custard. Mmmmmmmm, trifle…..

I’ve used a vanilla sponge and pulsed it with dutch cocoa; the reason being that I just can’t seem to find chocolate sponge in the supermarket and can’t be bothered to make one. Just. Don’t. Have. Time. But if you’re lucky enough to have a considerate foodie near you who just knows you’ll need a chocolate sponge this Christmas, feel free to use it instead of the vanilla sponge plus cocoa.

The great thing about trifles is that they can be made the day before which saves you time on the big day. In fact, they taste better when they’re made ahead of time to give the flavours a chance to mix and mingle. But if you want to make it on the 25th, just make it in the morning and pop it in the fridge until you need it.

So why did this make the Moodie 12 Days of Christmas?

  • It’s trifle – I don’t really need to say anymore. But I will….
  • It’s chocolate and cherries and custard. Chocolate. Cherries. Custard. The 3 c’s of Christmas I’m going to call them.
  • It looks like a present in a bowl it’s so beautiful with all it’s creamy, chocy, cherryliciousness.
  • It’s a decadent dessert that can be lightened up so there’s no guilt. Who needs guilt on Christmas Day?

Sad of sad things, we’re coming to the end of the Moodie 12 Days of Christmas tomorrow with a Pavlova Roll with Rosewater Berries. Light and gorgeous.

Black Forest Trifle


12 Days of Christmas Recap:

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Day 2 – Corn and blueberry salad
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Day 11 – Black Forest Trifle




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