Barbeque Beef San Choi Bao

Tasty, Light. Low Carb Chinese Lettuce Cups

I love Chinese food, it would be my favourite Asian food, and there’s one ingredient in Chinese cooking that I reckon makes everything taste better – Hoisin Sauce. Have you tried it? Oh yummy of yummy things, hoisin sauce is a Chinese barbeque sauce that’s smokey, sweet, savoury and undeniably Asian. I can’t get enough of this stuff, sploshing it in stir fries, marinades, noodle soups and this lovely San Choi Bao.

If you haven’t heard of San Choi Bao, it’s a Chinese meat stir fry served in lettuce cups. Most recipes use pork or chicken but I think you can use just about anything you like – prawns, fish, turkey, I’ve even made it with tofu.

Kids just love this dish because it’s fun and there’s no cutlery involved. Anything without cutlery is a bonus, right?

I’ve made this recipe with beef for no particular reason than because I had beef in the fridge and it goes well with hoisin (but like I said, hoisin goes well with everything!). It’s quick, tasty and light on fat and calories/kilojoules. It’s also a fantastic option for those who are looking to reduce their carbs.

Vegetarian option

  • Use 500g of firm tofu pulsed in the food processor until it resembles mince.
  • Chop loads of vegetables such as celery, carrot, capsicum, peas and bok choy to replace the meat. Mix through some peanuts for protein if you haven’t got nut allergies in the house.

Have you had San Choi Bao before? And more importantly, do you cook with hoisin sauce?
If not, you really need to get in the car now and buy some from the Asian section at the supermarket!

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Barbeque Beef San Choi Bao


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