In the mood for Cinnamon Apple Chips

THE most perfect healthy snack ever!
Oh how I do love a good snack. Chippies, dippies, cheese, yes please! I’m a snacky kinda girl. There’s no point in telling me that I can’t eat between meals because I do. A day without snacks just doesn’t feel right to me…… How about you?

Rather than force myself to do something that goes against every little moodie instinct I have, I search the globe for healthy light snack ideas. And whilst I do enjoy the odd carrot stick or two, there are only so many I can eat before it gets boring, mundane and seriously yawn-worthy. Once I start yawning, I head for the chippy packet and nobody wants that (especially this body).

Enter my Cinnamon Apple Chips. Ta Da! No need for the chippy slap with these babies, they’re crispy, sweet (but not too sweet), and kinda weirdly delicious.  I say weirdly because they’re unexpected. They’re not really appley and yet they are, having a yummy little apple tang right at the end of the mouthful. Weird huh? But oh so good……

Great on their own and perfect in a school lunchbox, these healthy apple chips are also yummy-yum-yum dipped in yogurt or served with cheese (mmmmm, cheese…..).


Is your day incomplete without a snack? What do you like to snack on and what drives you to the chippy packet? Carrot sticks? Celery? Anything containing Cottage Cheese?

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Cinnamon Apple Chips

Per half cup: 163.8kj (39 cals); 0.09g total fat (0.01g saturated fat); 2.8g fibre

Cinnamon Apple Chips

Healthy eating!




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