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I’m Jay and I’m The Moodie Foodie. If you eat according to your moods, never like to be deprived of your favourites but still like to fit into your jeans then my recipes are for you. The Moodie Foodie is all about indulging without guilt. With a few tweaks and a little know how, you can change any of your fat laden faves into great tasting light dishes that are so much better for you.


Moodie eating

I’m an emotional eater. I eat when I’m happy. I eat when I’m sad. I eat when I’m feeling depressed and I even eat when I’m celebrating. You get the picture, I like to eat……


When you’re an emotional eater like me, it’s so easy to reach for everything that’s not-so-good for you which usually means highly processed food full of fat, salt and sugar. And it’s no use telling us not to eat is there? We’re going to anyway, right? So we need to make good choices but still feed the mood.


I love food, all food and need to eat it when the mood takes me. If I’m in the mood for a burger, it has to be a burger. If I’m in the mood for a big hearty casserole with dumplings, then that’s what it has to be. I can’t eat what I don’t feel like even if it’s supposed to be good for me. But pre-Moodie Foodie the problem was I was putting on weight and everything turned pear-shaped (not just my body). My moods took a dive, my self-esteem went south, my skin suffered and I just felt bad. And so I’d eat more to make myself feel better. And the cycle continued until I realised that there was a better way.


I started rewriting classic recipes to remove unnecessary fat and kilojoules, writing new recipes that tasted fantastic without all the bad stuff, and re-creating dishes that I’d had in restaurants to become guilt-free. I tested, tested and tested again to make sure they worked – it was a hard job but someone had to do it.


Deprivation is out

Deprivation – urgh, who needs it? I don’t know about you, but I can’t be deprived. The moment I tell myself that I can’t have something my brain kicks into automatic rebellion – eat the cake, eat the cake, eat the cake.  You know what I’m talking about…. But you know what? With the recipes you’ll find here, you can eat the cake and the pie, the lasagne and the brownie too. Oh, don’t you feel so much better now?


I hope you enjoy cooking my recipes and if you have any food stories of your own I’d love to hear them. I love a good chat with other moodie foodies.



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