6 Easy Dinners

Confession No 11: I Don’t Know How I Do It!?X?!?!

If you’ve seen I Don’t Know How She Does It, you’re doing better than me. Why? Er, I just don’t have the time. I did read the book in 2002 though. At the time I was trying to be a good parent (or any sort of parent – it was all new) to a toddler, breast-feeding a newborn, completing exams for a masters, writing a business plan for a prospective new business, and trying to have some semblance of a normal life – you know, a social life with real friends and a husband that you spend time with? It was a busy time….

Nine years on and I don’t think that anything has changed much. I’m still hideously busy, although you’ll be very pleased to know that I am no longer breast-feeding (that would be weird)…. But that’s just life isn’t it? Busy. Like Kate, the book’s manic mum, we are all victims of time famine. Time famine… Don’t you just love that? I’m going to fit that into a conversation today and see how it flys.

And whilst I don’t count seconds like calories as Kate does, I think most of you will agree that women are amazing time managers and multi-taskers. We achieve so much because we have to. We make dinner, talk on the phone, do our makeup, send an email, shave our legs and write tomorrow’s To Do list all at the same time. Children or no children, it doesn’t matter because life is crazy and we somehow manage to get through it all.


One of the things I loved about Kate was her Must Remember list. Bridget Jones had one too. I am in good company – love a good list. I think if I wrote one now it would look something like this:

Call plumber/builder/ general handy person, ANYBODY to fix leak in roof. Consider changing carpet after roof fixed – nasty stain from leak. Take Elly to calisthenics. Take Mia to horseriding. Write menu for Christmas Post. Beef, Chicken or Lamb? Book dog in for haircut. Book self in for hair cut. Dye hair before haircut – GT stripes of grey embarrassing…. Organise fairy lights for girls’ rooms – promised fairy lights this year. Make sure girls packed for camp.

Drive girls to camp drop-off – where’s the bloody camp drop-off? Wine, need wine. Ring Mum. Return emails. Test recipes written last week – don’t want to poison anyone. Get organised for Christmas – write a present list. Drink more water (and perhaps wine). Breathe. Try to learn how Facebook really works. Relax before John gets home – you’re scaring him! Learn yoga? No, haven’t got time. I’ll have to settle for walking – the kids to school – while exercising the dog – dealing with homework questions – sending a couple of texts and writing a recipe in my head…..

And that’s just for tomorrow.

I bet yours is just as manic so to make sure we all eat for the next week, I’ve put together a menu planner – 6 easy dinners. All we need to do is buy the ingredients and hopefully we’ll get through, marvelling at how we do it.

What would your Must Remember list say?
Have you seen the movie or read the book?

Comfort – somebody give me some extra love today……

Creamy Chicken Pot Pie

Creamy Chicken Pot Pie

Exotic – stop me from dialling a curry, someone please!

Fragrant Fish Curry


Ravenous – too busy, no time, need to eat right now

Spanish Eggs


Indulgence – friends, partner… celebrate just because life’s good

Lamb Fillets with Pea Puree & Mint Sand

Lamb Fillets with Pea Puree & Mint Sand

Hangover – perhaps a little too much indulgence… life’s not feeling that good today

Tastiest Beef Burger with Caramelised Onions


Virtuous – my body is a temple, I shall be good, I shall be good, I shall……

Roasted Pepper Pasta

Roasted Pepper Pasta

Indulge without guilt
Eat without deprivation
Cook great food even when you are on your own
Embrace food moods
Eat what you want



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