5 Reasons Why I Love Turkey Breast

You may have heard me rave about turkey before. LOVE. IT. But not just any ol’ bit of gobbling turkey, turkey breast, and skinless at that.

Have you seen turkey breast in your supermarket? It’s got its own little section dedicated to all things turkey – turkey roasts, turkey legs, turkey mince, turkey breast….. Oh yeah! But be careful when you buy your turkey as it’s like any other meat, there’s good bits and not so good bits when it comes to health.

Here’s why I love turkey so much:

  1. It’s a fantastic source of protein; 32 grams of protein for every 113 grams of turkey breast to be precise. Our bodies use protein to build new cells, maintain tissue and perform all sorts of important stuff including digestion, so eating some turkey breast is a good thing.
  2. It’s high in B vitamins which are needed for red cell production and mucho energy production.
  3. It’s low in saturated fat (if you eat it skinless that is….) which is a bonus if you like to watch your fat intake and keep cholesterol down (and I do).
  4. It’s packed with tryptophan which our bodies turn into serotonin and we all know that serotonin is our natural happy hormone. For more tryptophan terrific foods, read my 10 Foods that Make you Happy.
  5. It tastes oh so good! Mild and lean, turkey breast seems to soak up the flavours it’s cooked with. Perfect for herbs, sauces, garlic, curries and anything else you can sprinkle, dollop or splosh.

Now turkey naysayers will tell you that skinless turkey breast will give you something resembling an old leather shoe. But I’m a turkey yay-sayer and have never had a tough turkey. Turkey breast can be panfried, poached, meatballed, slow cooked, lasagne-ed, stir-fried or casseroled and comes out moist, tender and tasty.

So if you’re in the mood to talk turkey, just head on down to the supermarket, pick up some skinless turkey breast and try a recipe or two:
Moodie’s Turkey Lasagne
Spring Turkey Lasagne2









Moodie’s Low Carb Turkey Tacos
Low Carb Turkey Tacos










Moodie’s Turkey Burger with Cranberry and Onions
Healthy Turkey Burger with Cranberry Onions












Are you a turkey naysayer or yay-sayer? Have you ever cooked an entire bird for Christmas. And do you love a bit of turkey with cranberry sauce (oh yum)?

Healthy eating!








p.s. There’s a LOVELY turkey meatball recipe coming a bit later on in the week.



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