4 of the Best BBQ Marinades

Confession 16: I ventured into the cave….

I had always avoided the cave, it was unfamiliar to me. I preferred to stay in the light where everything sparkled and glistened. So why was I even contemplating entering this foreign place of oppositeness? It smelt of smoke and something pungent – not unpleasant but certainly not Chanel No 5. And what was that noise? It wasn’t any language that I understood……

I was entering the man cave and to be specific, the barbeque (bbq) area: that bastion of rugged, macho masculinity that gives you a three day growth just looking at it. Typified by its smoky air and hint of liniment and hops, the bbq area is completely opposite to my kitchen. The decor is sparse and functional as opposed to warm and welcoming.

The language is unusual – facts and figures instead of emotional connections, and it’s smattered with a lot of “I”s and “Me”s with no “We”s. I was unnerved, even a little scared. But I did it. I was hungry. It was the type of hunger that only a bbq would satisfy. The things I do for food…..

All jokes aside, everyone I know loves a good bbq and what would a bbq be without a great marinade. Marinades are like great side dishes, they enhance the flavour of the main ingredient. They’re the cherry on the ice-cream, the perfect handbag to the outfit, the angel on the Christmas tree. Marinades make a dish sing.

Being the moodie girl that I am, I need variety. I can’t have just one great marinade and use it every time we barbecue. It gets boring. It’s like having one pair of shoes or one shade of lip gloss. Who does that?

And not all marinades work well with everything. What works swimmingly for fish may well make a chicken bok or pork oink. You need more than one marinade…… So, to avoid bokking, oinking, squealing, mooing or anything else unsavoury, I’ve come up with 4 of the best marinades you’ll ever taste. Try them and let me know what you think, but in the meantime tell me:

Do you venture into the man cave and if so, what’s the scariest thing you’ve found?

Chinese Plum

Hoisin and plum sauces, garlic, ginger



White wine, fennel seeds, garlic, lemon



Coriander, fish sauce, garlic, soy


Red Wine

Red wine, garlic, rosemary


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