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mf-iconThe Moodie Foodie is not about diets but rather indulging without guilt and eating your favourites without feeling deprived. When you love food and you eat emotionally like me, you need to find ways of keeping it light and healthy but tasty mood friendly. My recipes do just that and most of them you wouldn’t even know were light versions of their full fat cousins. A lover of cheesecake, brownies, pizza and burgers? No problemo, you’ll find it all here guilt-free. Have a look around, click on a few recipes, find out how to improve your mood with food or learn to lighten up your full fat faves. Welcome to The Moodie Foodie, I'm so glad you're here.


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Crispy Tuna Potato CakesB1

In the mood for Crispy Tuna Potato Cakes

New recipe - healthy, low kilojoule, high fibre mid-week comfort Hands up who loves a crispy

Easy Pear CrumbleB1

In the mood for Easy Pear Crumble

Healthy, low kilojoule, low fat, high fibre dessert recipe There’s something so comforting about

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